If you would like to come and lend a hand please get in touch and we will let you know future working bee dates.

If you are interested in becoming a member or auditioning for an upcoming show, get in touch.  

What's On?

Auditions: Monday 7th Dec
6pm at Backstage Theatre


The Revival

The cast of Lucian O’Keefe’s 1946 ghost play ‘Scared to Death’ are ready for their final dress rehearsal, but all is not going smoothly. Actors are bickering, one can’t learn their lines, the director is on the edge of a nervous breakdown and the ghostly happenings of the play seem to be encroaching into the real world. Slowly fear takes hold as tales of the play’s curse seem to hold true and the cast find themselves caught up in a terrifying ghost story.


2022 Public Show dates:

April 21-23

April 28-30

May 5-7

There are plenty of production jobs up for grabs, and by helping out you can earn a $100 gift toward a ticket(s) to a show of your choice!

We need:

  • Lighting people

  • Sound person

  • Promotion

  • Design - programmes, posters etc

  • Ticketing

  • Front of House

Or just be available to help out at production working bees - painting, building, making props, doing tea runs, whatever takes your fancy.

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Other News

Coming mid 2022 - Rumplestilstkin! Our Junior Production

Stay tuned for more details soon!

Working Bees

We still need your help! There’s a need for some important jobs to be completed in the next few months. Below are some images of our latest working bees, you can see how we're getting on.

Cave/Costume Storage area underway

Green room has been cleared out ready for refit

Tool room getting a good shake up